SailQuoter is an integrated customer database, sail pricing, quote and order form system.

Customer Database

Store all your customer and boat details.

Sail Pricing

Accurate and consistent sail prices. Under pricing or over pricing can be very costly to your business.

Fast. Price a sail in seconds. No calculator needed.

Easily adjust your SailQuoter prices with the Setup Wizard.


Produce professional printed quotes. Improve the image of your loft, look bigger and better, stand     above the rest.

Printout includes your company letterhead.

One Sail per page printout with image and text about the sail and price for the customer.

A quote is the first representation of a company, its product and service. The professional presentation of your quote can be as critical to you getting an order as the price itself.

Fast. You can create a complete quote with priced sails in only minutes.

Customer and sail pricing information is brought through automatically.


Generate orders straight from your quotes. No re-entering any data.

Calculates total order price, including discounts local taxes and freight.

Fully Integrated - Fully Automatic

All the parts of SailQuoter are linked together, sharing the same information.

All printouts are created automatically, just enter sail dimensions and pick and choose menu options, that's all. No keyboard skills required.


Easily customised to any loft, country, currency and language.

Boat Database to store P, E, I, J, etc. on standard boats.